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Schooling and Gaming! - Xfire Users

About Schooling and Gaming!

Previous Entry Schooling and Gaming! Mar. 4th, 2011 @ 10:43 am
Heya Everyone!

I come to you all for a bit of help. My sister is studying business at CCSU in Connecticut. Recently her class was presented with a project to study consumer behaviors of people who use the internet on a regular (fanatical? heh) basis. Her particular group was struggling with what to choose. After some deliberation, it came down to porn or online gamers... Now, my sister shies from any talk of pron, especially when having to do any research, so she jumped all over the gaming aspect.. I think the fact that her sister is addicted to WoW might have helped that decision along.. Anywho, my answers weren't enough for her background research, so she humbly asked me to present it to others and see if I could help her too. Thus, I come to you amongst the community. If I could get as many people to fill this out and send it back to me for her, I'd be forever grateful! Anyone is welcome to help! As long as it's a MMO. Just fill out the below questionnaire and send it back to me in a message, I'd be very grateful! Thanks in advance!! Fat lootz to you all!

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